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Bootstrap 5 stable, Sass Compiler Template


Bootstrap 5 Stable landed today and can now be edited with the new Sass compiler template for VSCode.

Bootstrap 5.0.0

This version contains many bug fixes and improvements. Workarounds and temporary fixes in bootScore theme have been deleted. So, bootScore has less CSS, JavaScript and is more stable now.

The biggest improvement is the offcanvas backdrop. This is no longer a body::before pseudo class. It uses the backdrop from modals and can be used in .fixed-top element (Offcanvas menu in the navbar) by default.


Good news: If you are using bootscore or newer, you can easily update using the WordPress theme uploader. You don’t have to do any changes in your child theme.

Sass Template for Visual Studio Code

Want to create / edit Bootstrap for your child-theme but don’t know how to struggle through the source code? I created a simple compiler template, included the source code for Visual Studio Code Editor which you can download in the shop for free.

I will do a video tutorial for this in the next days. So far, there are short instructions in the documentation or in the readme.txt file. If you have any questions or need help, leave comment in the documentation.

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