bS Grid and bS Swiper Shortcodes

bS Grid and bS Swiper update

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Both files are the most downloaded plugins here and getting an update in the shortcodes. Now it’s possible to show custom-post-types by terms-slug and single-items by id.

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Comments to GitHub issues

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33 posts in the documentation generated around 600 comments. All of them were replied but support via comments has now reached its limit.

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Bootstrap Sass

Bootstrap source in theme

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Yes, we did it! We included Bootstrap source and scssphp compiler in theme. Everyone can edit Bootstrap direct in the theme now!

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New repository

Renaming the repository and new checkout

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This update changes the theme repository for better update handling, brings a refactored checkout and update to Bootstrap 5.1.1.

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Bootstrap 5.1.0

Bootstrap 5.1.0, WordPress 5.8

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bootScore now uses the official Bootstrap offcanvas navbar and deactivates blocks in WP 5.8 widgets.

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bS Swiper

New Swiper plugin

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This plugin replaces the former bS5 Post/Product Slider. It is a new plugin and brings improvements, bugfixes and a new template.

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New bootScore header

Preparing Bootstrap 5.1.0

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This update prepares for the upcoming Bootstrap 5.1.0, which will be shipped with a nice surprise and that’s why both header.php’s have received an update.

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v5 Nav-Walker

v5 WordPress Navbar Walker

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bootScore replaces the modified Bootstrap 4 WP Bootstrap Navwalker with a real Bootstrap 5 WordPress Navbar Walker.

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Sass compiler template for VSCode

Bootstrap 5 stable, Sass Compiler Template

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Bootstrap 5 Stable landed today and can now be edited with the new Sass compiler template for VSCode.

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Bootstrap 5 Beta-3

Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta3

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The last beta of Bootstrap 5 arrived on March 23, 2021 and contains a big surprise. Not as announced for Bootstrap 5.1, the Offcanvas is already a component.

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New plugin feature ans speed

New Plugin, New Feature, Speed

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This update bootScore brings improvements in page speed and a great new template feature in plugins.

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bootScore 5 is out now

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Bootstrap 5 is Beta 1 but official released, and here we go! bootScore and all plugins have been migrated and are available in the download section.

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Theme and plugin updates November 2020

Theme & Plugin Updates Nov. 2020

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Important changes for the Top Nav widget area in the header.php and new dark-mode plugin.

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Plugin Updates Oct. 2020

Plugin Updates Oct. 2020

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Updates for the Post / Product Slider which merges into one plugin and a new Isotope filter plugin which replaces the former IsoPost.

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Rename bootScore Plugins

Renaming Plugins & Shortcodes

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In order to be prepared for the upcoming Bootstrap 5, it is time to clean up the mess and create a clear naming structure.

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WordPress 5.5 Eckstine

WordPress 5.5 release

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There are a few things to know. WordPress 5.5 has new power in 3 major areas: Speed, Search and Security.

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Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap 5 – whats new?

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The first Bootstrap 5 alpha has arrived. There are many changes that will affect the bootScore WordPress theme. Let’s take a quick look what to expect.

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Blog, Dark Mode and Child Themes

Blog, Child Themes & Dark Mode


What is planned? A blog section with news and tutorials, a new dark mode plugin and commercial child themes.

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Getting started

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bootScore is a free Bootstrap 5 starter theme framework for WordPress. It can be used as a multi-page site, an onepager with multiple subpages and has full WooCommerce support. It has 9 places for widgets, a built-in Sass compiler and a large number of page, post, category, archive and author templates.

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Support / Contribute


We use GitHub to develop our themes and plugins. If you need help, have a question, find a bug or want to contribute, please open an issue in the appropriate repository.

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Download the zip file. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button. Click Upload Theme and Choose File, then select the theme’s .zip file. Click Install Now. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

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/ | 94 Comments on WooCommerce

bootScore has full WooCommerce support with many overwritten Bootstrap templates and an ajax cart.

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Using the child themes

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The child themes are the base to customise bootScore without touching the code of the parent theme. You can edit these themes and update bootScore without losing your work.

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Bootstrap / CSS / Sass

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Bootstrap source code is included in the theme and can be edited on the fly without using gulp, node, commands or other technical stuff. Just add your styles, save and the built-in compiler will do the trick. You will find files in folder /css/scss/.

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