Getting started

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bootScore is a free Bootstrap 5 starter theme framework for WordPress. It can be used as a multi-page site, an onepager with multiple subpages and has full WooCommerce support. It has 9 places for widgets, a built-in Sass compiler and a large number of page, post, category, archive and author templates.

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Support / Contribute

We use GitHub to develop our themes and plugins. If you need help, have a question, find a bug or want to contribute, you’re welcome to open a discussion or an issue in the appropriate repository.

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Install theme and child-theme via the WordPress theme-uploader or via Composer.

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Theme has no single-click updater. Updates must be made manually via the theme uploader in the WordPress backend.

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bootScore has full WooCommerce support with many Bootstrap templates and an integrated ajax offcanvas cart.

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Using the child themes

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The child themes are the base to customise bootScore without touching the code of the parent theme. You can edit these themes and update bootScore without losing your work.

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Bootstrap / CSS / Sass

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Bootstrap source code is included in the theme and can be edited on the fly without using gulp, node, commands or other technical stuff. Just add your styles, save and the built-in compiler will do the trick. You will find files in folder /css/scss/.

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This file contains the logo, favicons, theme colors, main-menu and two widget positions. Edit file by storing a copy in your child (bootCommerce has already).

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The footer.php has 5 widget positions, a secondary menu and a copyright with current year and site title.

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Page / Post templates

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Select the templates in the backend on the right side in the page/post edit screen in Page Attributes > Template or Post Attributes > Template.

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Loop templates

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There are 5 templates for each category, archive and author. These templates are the same for all of them, they only differ what is in the header.

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The 404 page is basic. The text can be changed with Loco Translate. You can insert widgets to customise the page.

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Almost all functions are pluggable and can be overwritten in the child-theme.

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A hook is a point in the theme where you can insert anything you want very easily. For example a HTML alert or a Google tag manager.

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Almost all colors are defined via the classes in the respective php file to assign Bootstrap Colors to all elements.

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Scrollspy / Onepager

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If the page is operated as an onepager, Scrollspy recognizes at which point it is being scrolled and sets an active class to the respective menu item. This menu item can be styled differently and you always know which one is currently part on the page.

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Smooth Scroll

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bootScore uses the default Bootstrap scroll-bahaviour: smooth for smooth scrolling. The offset is set to the height of the navbar.

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Width & Height Classes

With the additional classes width-100 and height-* fullscreen elements can be created, even if the content is inside the container. Width The content of this page is inside the container. Add the class width-100 and the element is stretched across the entire width of the screen. Content Wrap the content in a container again and […]

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Font Awesome

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Font Awesome is already GDPR-friendly installed locally and ready to use.

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Google Fonts

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Google fonts are a sensitive topic when it comes to GDPR. Read here how to install Google fonts locally without accessing the Google server.

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Internet Explorer Alert

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Bootstrap 5 dropped the support for Internet Explorer. If site is browsed by IE, an alert is displayed below the navbar.

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| 16 Comments on Translations

The theme and all plugins can be translated with Loco Translate to edit .mo and .po files.

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Earlier versions can be downloaded via the Github repository. Install/downgrade via the theme uploader.

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