Support / Contribute

We use GitHub to develop our themes and plugins. If you need help, have a question, find a bug or want to contribute, you’re welcome to open an issue in the appropriate repository.


For purchased products you get direct mail support via the support form.

What we do

We’re trying to help wherever it’s possible. Please do following checks before opening an issue:

  • Specific issue on your site must include a live example. When working on your local machine, transfer your project to a live server first and share a link.
  • Check your theme/plugin version and update to latest first. Read the blog for more specific information about updates.
  • Deactivate all other plugins and check if your problem is solved.
  • Transfer your project to different server.

What we not do

  • Development of your project
  • Support projects on your local computer
  • Solve issues with third party plugins


We’re happy if you want to contribute. Just fork the repository on GitHub, do your changes and create a Pull request. Every PR will be reviewed. If everything is fine we’ll merge your changes to the main branch.

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