Getting started

bootScore is a free Bootstrap 5 starter theme for WordPress.

It can be used as a multi-page site, an onepager with multiple subpages and a WooCommerce shop. It has 9 places for widgets and a large number of page, post, category, archive and author templates.

All scripts, fonts and components are installed locally, no data is obtained from external sources. This theme is 100% GDPR ready.

The code is deliberately kept slim and there are no settings in the backend. All settings can only be made using the .js, .php and .css files, so some basic knowledge for customization is required. That gives you full control over what you do.

The idea…

…was to create a deep Bootstrap integration in WordPress. There are very good starter themes like Understrap or wp-bootstrap-starter. But either they didn’t go deep enough into Bootstrap for me or there were too many customizer settings.

So I regularly wasted time by pressing buttons in the backend to set the colors or select Google fonts from a dropdown.

I often work as a freelancer for a small design agency that delivers crazy but unique screen designs. As the jobs from them grew more and more, I decided to write my own master theme for this agency with which I can implement their design requirements quick, reliable and clean. Likewise, for me as an European, the GDPR is the dominant topic for all jobs and I have to be able to meet and explain the customer requirements.

Since using bootScore to build WordPress projects for my clients, I’ve been saving tons of time – and time is money or more time with my family.

In 2019 I decided to make my work public and make it available to download for free. First I wanted to make it available in the official WordPress theme repository.

The test revealed the following points that do not correspond to the WordPress Codex:

  1. Commented code is not allowed
  2. Links to favicons in the header are forbidden. Icon must be uploaded via the customizer.
  3. Unused templates are not allowed.

But it is precisely these 3 points are the core features that make bootScore different from other themes, which make it so versatile, controllable and also enable a large number of post, page and category and header templates. So I decided not to publish it through the official repository.

I’m always happy to see what other web developers do with it. bootScore relies on your feedback to further develop and improve the project.



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