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Blog, Child Themes & Dark Mode


Since I started this project in 2018 there have been many changes and challenges. At first I built it as my own framework and not for the public. Later, naming the project to bootScore and making it public for free was one of my best decisions. It gave the whole thing another twist.

Now is the time to think about the future.


Posts about debugging, customizing bootScore, improving workflow, designing a .svg logo or calculating prices for customers are planned here in the blog section. Hopefully I have enough time to write one post a month.

Commercial Child Themes

I often thought about how to make a business of bootScore. And yes, it will be commercial child-themes.

These child themes extend bootScore by design and functions and can be purchased in the shop section. If you’re familiar with bootScore and love working on real code instead of drag’n drop, you’ll see how easy they are to customize.

The price for each theme will be 29 € with lifetime updates, unlimited domains and includes the sample data. Buy once, it’s yours.

Themes for musicians, architecture, restaurants, corporate business, photographers, comic shops, lawyers, doctors or a simple personal blog are just ideas for candidates. First I start with a fashion store.

New dark-mode plugin in progress

A dark-mode is nice to have. In the footer below the logo there is a preview using a Bootstrap Switch.

It’s still not exactly what I want and a few bugs are waiting to be fixed, but it’s going in the right direction. It will be released in the next weeks.

Are you on Twitter?

If so, bootScore is there now too. Admittedly, there is not much going on there yet, but that should change now.

Drop by, you can find me here.

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