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Bootscore 5.3.4


This update, alongside Bootstrap 5.3.2, includes numerous minor bug fixes and improvements. Header actions in WC have been enhanced for a better shopping experience.

No breaking changes since 5.2.0. Backup your site, download and update the theme via the WordPress theme-uploader. For more information, have a look at the changelog.


Since we began reducing the use of overridden WooCommerce templates, we have successfully removed 43 templates without any impact on the frontend. Currently, only 16 templates remain, and we are comfortable keeping and maintaining them.

The mini-cart and offcanvas-cart have been removed from the cart and checkout pages. On the cart page, users are already within the cart, no need to display cart twice. Additionally, checkout pages, which are not AJAX updated, previously allowed users to empty the cart without updating the checkout. To address this, the mini-cart has been replaced by a simple back-to-cart button, ensuring a smoother purchasing process and preventing unintentional cart clearance.

Similarly, the user-toggler and offcanvas have been removed from all account pages. As users are already on an account page, there is no need to display account twice.

WhereHeader actions
Default pages
Cart page
Checkout page
Account page

Starting from WC 8.3 (Nov. 14, 2023), cart and checkout pages are replaced by blocks in new installations. While we are actively working on supporting both blocks, we are not yet prepared to ship them.

If you’re on a new installation of WC ≥ 8.3, replace both blocks with the default and proven shortcodes:

  • Go to the backend, navigate to Pages, and find the Cart page
  • Delete cart block and add the default shortcode
  • Go to the backend, navigate to Pages, and find the Checkout page
  • Delete cart block and add the default shortcode


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What else?

  • Removed Internet Explorer warning alert as it’s outdated in 2023.
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.3.2.
  • Enabled cross sell products in the cart page.
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Dark mode and the Isotope plugin now feature an auto-updater. If you own one or both plugins, please navigate to your downloads and update them manually for the last time.

New contributors

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