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WooCommerce 8.5 issues

WooCommerce 8.5

We recommend to downgrade to WooCommerce 8.4 due to critical bugs in version 8.5. For users on 8.5, a temporary patch for the theme is available.

Version 8.5 came with some surprises, as it changed the classes for alerts. This means that alerts on the product page offcanvas, cart, and checkout are broken. Classic cart and checkout have been “blockified” and still lacks some classes.

While both of these issues are just ugly, WooCommerce 8.5 is also plagued by more serious bugs. In certain cases, the server shuts down the entire page due to ModSecurity, affecting 3/4 of our clients’ websites. Additionally, there is an issue with WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway 7.9.0, leading to a fatal error.

As a result, we recommend downgrading to WooCommerce 8.4 until these bugs are fixed in version 8.6.

If you are already using version 8.5 and experiencing no issues, we have a quick patch available for the v5.3.4 theme to fix the alerts. You can download and install it through the theme uploader. This will be part of our next release but we are not ready to ship this yet.

Have a great day!

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