bootScore is a WordPress theme that works well as an onepager. It can also be used as a multi-page site or an onepager with multiple subpages. It has 9 places for widgets, a built-in preloader, a built-in cookie consent and some pre-installed scripts for header navigation. That reduce the use of plugins. All scripts, fonts and components are installed locally, no Read more


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If you download the theme via Github, you should unzip the files first and remove the “-master” from the folder name. Then zip again and upload the theme in the theme manager. If the “-master” is on it, the child theme does not work. Download the zip file here. In your admin panel, go to Appearance Read more

Using the child theme

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bootScore is build to make your own of it. Rename the folder, author URL e.g in yours and use it as your own framework for you or your clients. However, if you dont want to use it as your own framework and want to get future updates, you can use the provided child theme and Read more

Bootstrap Builder

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The easiest and best way to customize the look of your site is to build your own bootstrap. There are many online generators. Read more

Widget & Menu Positions

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bootScore has 9 widgets and 2 menu positions Read more

Logo & Favicon

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The logo cannot be uploaded via the customizer. This function was removed with version 2.0.0. Go the old school way by replacing the .svg image. Read more


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If you are using a child theme, please read here. The navbar is located in the header.php and uses the Bootstrap navbar component. There are 5 presets that can be activated by removing comments from the code blocks. Nav Default, default navbar, burger menu opens from top. Uses default header.php Nav Up, Nav Down, hides Read more

Scrollspy / Onepager

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If the page is operated as an onepager, Scrollspy recognizes at which point it is being scrolled and sets an active class to the respective menu item. This menu item can be styled differently and you always know which one is currently part on the page. For example here the front page is an onepager. The first 2 links Read more


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Since Version 3.0.0 bootScore has full WooCommerce support with completely overwritten Bootstrap Templates and an Ajax cart. Read more


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The preloader is located in the header.php. It shows the Bootstrap Spinner spinner-border: Change the class from spinner-border to spinner-grow and a different loader will be shown (sometimes problems on Mac Safari and iOS): Of course you can also display your logo, a gif or your own css animation there instead of the Bootstrap Spinners, Read more


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Almost all colors are defined via the classes in the respective php file to assign Bootstrap Colors to all elements. Where this is not possible, variables are used to ensure that the selected primary color is also changed when you use your own bootstrap.min.css. You will find the colors in folder css/theme_colors.css and if you Read more

Width & Height Classes

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With the additional classes width-100 and height-* fullscreen elements can be created, even though the content is inside the container. Width The content of this page is inside the container. Add the class width-100 and the element is stretched across the entire width of the screen. Content Wrap the content in a container again and Read more

Category / Archive / Author Templates

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There are five templates for each category, archive and author. These templates are the same for everyone, they only differ what is in the header. Read more

Page / Post Templates

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Using the templates for pages and posts is easy. Select the template to be displayed in the backend on the right side in the page/post edit screen in Page Attributes > Template or Post Attributes > Template. Read more


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The 404 page is basic. The text can be changed with Loco Translate. You can also insert as many widgets as you like to customize the page. Read more


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The footer.php has 5 widget positions, a secondary menu and a copyright with current year and site title. The footer has the class bg-light, which gives a light grey background to it. change it to bg-dark text-light and you will have a dark footer with light text. The cookie consent and the to-top-button are located Read more

Font Awesome

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Font Awesome is already GDPR-friendly installed locally and ready to use. Read more

Google Fonts

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Google fonts are a sensitive topic when it comes to GDPR. Here is described how you can install Google fonts locally without accessing the Google server. Read more

Google Analytics

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bootScore allows you to write Javascript in widgets. So it is the best and easiest way to place the tracking code in a footer widget. Here is a GDPR-ready variant that allows the user to turn off the tracking themselves. Read more

Cookie Consent

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A cookie consent banner is pre-installed and links to the page with the slug “privacy” or german “datenschutz”. Translate it into your language. Read more

Animate On Scroll WP

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This plugin registers and initializes AOS library to WordPress. With AOS can be added nice scrolling effects to the page content. Must have for beautiful landing pages. Demo Also works great in category pages by inserting AOS to the card(s). Installation Download Plugin In your admin panel, go to Plugins > and click the Add New button. Read more

Contact Form 7 Support

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This plugin adds Bootstrap to radio buttons, checkboxes, alerts and a loading spinner to Contact Form 7. It is an additional plugin and does not replace Contact Form 7. Read more

Gutenberg Gallery Lightbox

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This plugin registers baguette.js and adds a lightbox to the standard Gutenberg image gallery block. Demo Installation Download Plugin In your admin panel, go to Plugins > and click the Add New button. Click Upload Plugin and Choose File, then select the Plugin’s .zip file. Click Install Now. Click Activate to use your new Plugin Read more


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Coming soon Read more
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