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A powerful, free Bootstrap 5 starter theme for WordPress.

Design, develop and launch faster with Bootstrap 5, the world’s leading responsive and mobile-first front-end CSS framework.

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Create quick and clean WordPress projects by using the free and versatile bootScore starter theme. bootScore combines WordPress and Bootstrap 5.

Use a large number of ready-to-use templates for pages, posts, categories, authors and archives as well as pre-made header templates.

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Contact Form 7 Isotope Dark Mode

Extend bootScore with useful WordPress plugins, custom written for this theme. Each plugin uses Bootstrap or adds it to 3rd party plugins.

Use Isotope to filter posts, custom post types or products. Display posts or products in a Swiper slideshow, use Bootstrap Forms and Components with Contact Form 7 or animate landing pages with Animate On Scroll library.

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Contact Form 7 Isotope Dark Mode


Checkout Product page Cart Offcanvas

Create WooCommerce stores with seamless Bootstrap integration and an integrated Ajax Offcanvas shopping cart.

Visit the shop, download the themes and plugins via WooCommerce. If you are planning to create an online store, you can see how the checkout works.

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bootScore is 100% customizable by use of code. Read here how to use and edit this theme.

There are no Customizer or Backend settings. Build your Bootstrap on the fly with included source and built-in scssphp compiler. Basic HTML, CSS/SCSS and maybe some PHP and JavaScript skills are required for customizing. No drag’n’drop, just simple code.

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Console Width & Height Classes Editor


Announcements and news, as well as general posts or tipps and tricks around bootScore. Want to stay up to date? Subscribe to the newsletter.

Bootstrap Sass

Bootstrap source in theme

/ | 9 Comments on Bootstrap source in theme

Yes, we did it! We included Bootstrap source and scssphp compiler in theme. Everyone can edit Bootstrap direct in the theme now!

New repository

Renaming the repository and new checkout

/ | Leave a Comment

This update changes the theme repository for better update handling, brings a refactored checkout and update to Bootstrap 5.1.1.

Bootstrap 5.1.0

Bootstrap 5.1.0, WordPress 5.8

/ | 4 Comments on Bootstrap 5.1.0, WordPress 5.8

bootScore now uses the official Bootstrap offcanvas navbar and deactivates blocks in WP 5.8 widgets.

bS Swiper

New Swiper plugin

/ | Leave a Comment

This plugin replaces the former bS5 Post/Product Slider. It is a new plugin and brings improvements, bugfixes and a new template.

New bootScore header

Preparing Bootstrap 5.1.0

/ | 9 Comments on Preparing Bootstrap 5.1.0

This update prepares for the upcoming Bootstrap 5.1.0, which will be shipped with a nice surprise and that’s why both header.php’s have received an update.

v5 Nav-Walker

v5 WordPress Navbar Walker

/ | 14 Comments on v5 WordPress Navbar Walker

bootScore replaces the modified Bootstrap 4 WP Bootstrap Navwalker with a real Bootstrap 5 WordPress Navbar Walker.

Sass compiler template for VSCode

Bootstrap 5 stable, Sass Compiler Template

/ | 2 Comments on Bootstrap 5 stable, Sass Compiler Template

Bootstrap 5 Stable landed today and can now be edited with the new Sass compiler template for VSCode.

Bootstrap 5 Beta-3

Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta3

/ | Leave a Comment

The last beta of Bootstrap 5 arrived on March 23, 2021 and contains a big surprise. Not as announced for Bootstrap 5.1, the Offcanvas is already a component.

New plugin feature ans speed

New Plugin, New Feature, Speed

/ | 6 Comments on New Plugin, New Feature, Speed

This update bootScore brings improvements in page speed and a great new template feature in plugins.


bootScore 5 is out now

/ | 8 Comments on bootScore 5 is out now

Bootstrap 5 is Beta 1 but official released, and here we go! bootScore and all plugins have been migrated and are available in the download section.

Theme and plugin updates November 2020

Theme & Plugin Updates Nov. 2020

/ | 10 Comments on Theme & Plugin Updates Nov. 2020

Important changes for the Top Nav widget area in the header.php and new dark-mode plugin.

Plugin Updates Oct. 2020

Plugin Updates Oct. 2020

/ | 3 Comments on Plugin Updates Oct. 2020

Updates for the Post / Product Slider which merges into one plugin and a new Isotope filter plugin which replaces the former IsoPost.


Download the files via WooCommerce. By clicking the respective button, the file will be added to the shopping cart. If you are planning to create an online shop with bootScore, you can see how the checkout works.



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