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Bye bye Mailchimp, hello Twitter!


Mailchimp changes the terms and conditions and lowers the limit for free accounts from 2000 to 500 subscribers.

We are close to 2000 subscribers and would have to upgrade to at least an “Essential” account to continue using Mailchimp. But it makes little sense to pay for something to inform about free stuff. The usage of Mailchimp is very unhandy as well.

That’s why we close the newsletter and switch to Twitter to inform about updates and new features. The account exists since a while, but has not been linked here on the site yet. If you want to stay up to date, you’re invited to follow us now on Twitter.

What happens to existing Mailchimp account and subscribers? We’ll freeze the account and maybe upgrade to a paid account later. Mailchimp could then be used to promote new commercial plugins and themes. If you are a subscriber and do not want to receive mails like that in future, please check your mailbox and simply click the unsubscribe link.

Have a great day and see you on !

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