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Bootstrap 5.1.0, WordPress 5.8


bootScore now uses the official Bootstrap offcanvas navbar and deactivates blocks in WP 5.8 widgets.

Bootstrap 5.1.0

Version 5.1.0 delivers the implementation of the offcanvas component into navbar. I cannot be proud enough to tell that bootScore‘s code for implementation took place in Bootstrap‘s core and is now an official component modifier. Check the Bootstrap docs and update the theme via theme-uploader.

If you using your own bootstrap.min.css in your child, you must update this file to Bootstrap 5.1.0 because code moves from bootScore to Bootstrap. Use the updated 5.1.0 Sass Compiler Template for that and replace variables in dist/css/bootstrap.scss. Compile and replace.

WordPress 5.8

This update forces full-editing sites by using Gutenberg blocks in widgets. That means that there are no widgets like before, there are replaced by confusing and unwieldy blocks. But, who needs that?

5.8 was released on July 20th and I only noticed it yesterday because some new bootScore pages had a weird searchform in frontend.

When updating an existing WordPress 5.7.X to 5.8, the widgets were moved to a legacy mode. In this case the search still looked good because WordPress is using the searchform.php from the theme.

But when a new WordPress was set up after July 20th, searchform.php was no longer part of the widgets, it was replaced by Gutenberg Blocks.

I decided to deactivate the block widgets for the time being until either WordPress improves them or there is another acceptable solution. This is done by 2 lines of filters in functions.php. So, if you use bootScore you enjoy the clean and proofed widget area. If you want to use blocks instead, remove filters at the bottom in functions.php.

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