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New Swiper plugin


This plugin replaces the former bS5 Post/Product Slider. It is a new plugin and brings improvements, bugfixes and a new template. Check the Live preview for full demo.

New features

  • multiple swiper instances on the same page
  • shows custom post types
  • new hero template for complex slideshows
  • infinite loop
  • single-click updates

If you want to use new plugin, you must uninstall bS5 Post/Product Slider plugin before installing the new one. Check the new shortcodes in documentation.


The card template looks like the old plugin, but has infinite loop, can show custom post types and more than one slider can be used on the same page. The same for product sliders.


There is a new hero template. This template can be overwritten in child-theme as well. It’s just a basic Bootstrap carousel layout with autoplay. But with editing HTML and additional CSS it is possible to create cool full-screen slideshows.

Update checker

This is the first plugin which includes the update checker by YahnisElsts for single-click updates in the backend. This checker will be included step-by-step into other plugins too.

When Bootstrap 5.2.0 is available, there are no breaking changes in bootScore’s theme files anymore and update checker will be included in theme as well.

Remove Update Checker

If you prefer to work on plugin instead using template overrides, you must remove this checker because your work will be lost by the next update.

Go to plugin folder:

  • remove folder update
  • open main.php and delete snippet from line 12 to 18
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