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Registers swiper.js. Shows posts from one or more categories in a slider. Displays posts in your post / page by insert shortcode. Documentation

[bs-post-slider type="post" category="equal-height, blog" order="DESC" orderby="date" posts="12"]
Theme and plugin updates November 2020

Theme & Plugin Updates Nov. 2020

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Important changes for the Top Nav widget area in the header.php and new dark-mode plugin.

Plugin Updates Oct. 2020

Plugin Updates Oct. 2020

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Updates for the Post / Product Slider which merges into one plugin and a new Isotope filter plugin which replaces the former IsoPost.

Rename bootScore Plugins

Renaming Plugins & Shortcodes

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In order to be prepared for the upcoming Bootstrap 5, it is time to clean up the mess and create a clear naming structure.

WordPress 5.5 Eckstine

WordPress 5.5 release

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There are a few things to know. WordPress 5.5 has new power in 3 major areas: Speed, Search and Security.

Bootstrap 5 Alpha

Bootstrap 5 – whats new?

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The first Bootstrap 5 alpha has arrived. There are many changes that will affect the bootScore WordPress theme. Let’s take a quick look what to expect.

Blog, Dark Mode and Child Themes

Blog, Child Themes & Dark Mode

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What is planned? A blog section with news and tutorials, a new dark mode plugin and commercial child themes.

Page/Post default template

Post Default

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This is the default template for posts. The sidebar is on the right. If no widgets are active in the sidebar, white space is shown in its place.

Page/Post Sidebar Left

Post Sidebar Left

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This post has the sidebar on the left. If no sidebar is active, white space is shown in its place.

Page/Post Sidebar None

Post Sidebar None

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This post has no sidebar. The content is displayed across the entire width of the container.

Page Post Full Width Image

Post Full Width Image

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This post shows the featured image as a background image in full screen width.

Post without image but with a longer heading to fill the card

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This beautiful post has no featured image. It is only there to show how it fits into the cards, which are all the same height if posts displayed in an equal-height grid. The Read more link is always on the bottom of the cards. So you should fill the content with text to avoid whitespace.

Just a dummy blog post

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