bS Animate On Scroll

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This plugin registers and initializes AOS library to WordPress. With AOS can be added nice scrolling effects to the page content. Must have for beautiful landing pages.

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bS Contact Form 7

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This plugin adds Bootstrap to radio buttons, checkboxes, alerts and a loading spinner to Contact Form 7. It is an additional plugin and does not replace Contact Form 7.

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bS Cookie Consent

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This plugin adds a simple cookie consent banner to the bottom of the page. The “More information” links to the default installed WordPress privacy policy.

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bS Dark Mode

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This plugin adds a dark-mode switch to bootScore.

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bS Grid

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This plugin displays WordPress posts from category or child pages from parent page in your post, page or widget via shortcode.

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bS Gutenberg Gallery Lightbox

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This plugin registers baguette.js and adds a lightbox to the standard Gutenberg image gallery block.

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bS Gutenberg Responsive Video

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This plugin stretches the default Gutenberg video block to the entire width of the container.

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bS Isotope

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This plugin filters posts, isotope cpt, products or any custom post type by a parent-id of category / taxonomy with metafizzy isotope plugin. The filter grid can be displayed as equal-height, masonry, equal-height-overlay, masonry-overlay or products. It is well suited for example to create a portfolio, projects or simply to filter posts. Live preview Installation Download Plugin In your admin panel, go to […]

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bS Masonry

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This plugin is only required if you want to use * -masonry.php files. It replaces the card-columns in Bootstrap 4 which are no longer included in Bootstrap 5. Combine the powers of the Bootstrap grid and the Masonry layout.

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bS Preloader

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nd external url), the preloader fades in again (not working on Mac Safari and all iOS Browsers) to get a smooth page transition.

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bS Share Buttons

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Displays share buttons in pages, posts, widgets or .php files. Installation Download Plugin In your admin panel, go to Plugins > and click the Add New button. Click Upload Plugin and Choose File, then select the Plugin’s .zip file. Click Install Now. Click Activate to use your new Plugin right away. Usage Use shortcode to […]

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bS Swiper

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Registers and initializes swiper.js to show posts, child pages or products in a 4 (desktop), 3 (large), 2 (medium) and 1 (mobile) column slider.

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