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Final move to GitHub


As announced in previous posts, this is the third and last step to GitHub after moving to an organization profile, renaming the repositories and moving comments to issues.

Direct download for free products

Four years ago it seemed like a nice idea to “buy” the free files via WooCommerce. The plan behind was to deep test bootScore’s WooCommerce extension with real users, and yes, it worked! It’s awesome to see how powerful WooCommerce is and how easy and fast it is to setup compared to other shop systems.

But time is changing. Four years ago, bootScore was a tiny personal project, but now there are too many daily orders coming in and each order generates 2 emails with an invoice about zero. And yes, there is a small amount of fake users as well.

We decided to close the shop for free products and provide direct download links instead. In the download section, each button is now linked to the latest GitHub releases and on click, the zip files goes straight to your download folder. Paid plugin buttons add the product to your cart like before.

To be honest, the shop is with only two paid plugins now bare. But new products like paid child-themes are already in the making and WooCommerce functionality can be tested as well with just two products in the same way.

The links in your dashboard remain in place for a while. But we will do a database clean-up in near future and keep only users who generated more than 0€ income and contributors who used a 100% coupon.


We’ve enabled the discussion feature. Compared of issues, discussions are better to answer general questions about themes/plugins or help you with your project. So, we use now the issue tracker only for bugs or planned features, general questions we answer in the discussions.

There is a showcase feature in the discussions. We’re happy if you want to share your project.

Have a great day!

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