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Comments to GitHub issues


33 posts in the documentation generated around 600 comments. All of them were replied, and almost all of replied comments are resolved. bootScore’s comment function did a great job, but support via comments has now reached its limit.

Comments are not searchable, it’s difficult to share code and some topics / issues are twice or more, because nobody reads previous comments.

GitHub issue tracker

As mentioned in a previous post, we’d like to focus more on our GitHub repository. For bug reports, questions, help, support or contributions, the issue tracker is the best tool for this. The comment function in the documentation is now disabled and you are invited to use issues instead of comments.

It’s easy to share code snippets and format text with markdowns. It’s simpler for us to organize the issues in projects and they should be discussed and resolved by a growing community instead of being answered by a single person, as was previously the case.

Links to repositories

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