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The last few releases have mainly taken care of WooCommerce templates, this release ships updates for them again. But we’re thrilled to announce that today we have a bit more than updated templates: A completely refactored ajax cart.

No breaking changes since Backup your site, download and update theme via the WordPress theme-uploader. For more information, have a look to the changelog.

Ajax cart

The ajax cart functionality and behaviour has been rethought and refactored from scratch. Loader has been moved out of the offcanvas into the add_to_cart button and offcanvas opens if product(s) has been successfully/failed added to the cart. The alerts has been moved from the top of the product page into offcanvas and provide a clear feedback what’s or what’s not added to the cart. If adding a product to cart failed, there is no more redirect to product page anymore.

  • Click the button – Success alert
  • Close offcanvas-cart and open again by clicking the cart button in the navbar – Alert is removed.
  • Click the button again – Error alert because dark-mode is sold individually.

Add me to your cart

Here a short before/after clip:

Product types

Because ajax offcanvas cart is triggerd by added_to_cart class instead the button, it’s now compatible with all product types:

  • Simple products
  • Variable products
  • Grouped products
  • Affiliate products
  • Product out of stock
  • Only one product in stock
  • Product sold individually
  • Add to cart buttons in other page content

Disable ajax cart

Because all scripts belong to the ajax cart are now located in one .php file, its very simple to disable it by adding a empty function to your child and disable ajax in backend. Check the new docs.

What else?

  • Updated templates for WooCommerce 7.3
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

Happy new year!

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