bS Dark Mode

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This plugin adds a dark mode to bootScore. Click the switch in the navbar.

  • Lifetime updates
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited installations
  • Buy once, it’s yours
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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Moon icon

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Refactored switch.css to svg background images
  • [UPDATE] dark-mode.css
  • [UPDATE] Ready for Bootstrap 5.2.0
  • [NEW] Added responsive offcanvas

  • [BUGFIX] .form-check-input:checked
  • [IMPROVEMENT] .form-switch
  • [IMPROVEMENT] .form-range
  • [IMPROVEMENT] .form-control::file-selector-button
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reformat all files
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added .cursor-pointer class to switch

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Changed cookie function name
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Refactored dark-theme.css to Bootstrap variables
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Refactored switch.css
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Switch icons uses now em instead of rem
  • [IMPROVEMENT] jQuery is now separated
  • [BUGFIX] Switch icons in Firefox

  • [BUGFIX] Assigned icons to dark-mode-switch only
  • [UPDATE] Added text-dark to text-light

  • [UPDATE] Offcanvas cart blockUI

  • [UPDATE] Accordion item dark
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.0.0 Beta 3

  • [BUGFIX] Added dark-theme to modal, new offcanvas component and blockquote

  • [BUGFIX] Adjusted icon positions in Firefox

  • [BUGFIX] Added dark-theme to accordion

  • [BUGFIX] Added dark-theme background-color to pre

  • [SEO] Load dark-mode.js in footer

  • Initial release

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June 09, 2022




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