The footer.php has 5 widget positions, a secondary menu and a copyright with current year and site title.

Footer has the class bg-light, which gives a light grey background to it. Store a copy of footer.php to your child-theme, change the class to bg-dark text-light and you will have a dark footer with light text.

Top Footer

This widget shows content above the footer 1-4 columns. Perfect for a newsletter.

Footer columns 1-4

Has the classes col-md-6 col-lg-3, 1 column mobile, 2 columns tablet and 4 columns desktop. These widget positions are good to show menus to display terms, privacy, contact, payment methods or any information like social buttons or whatever. Footer 4 is the best place to insert a Google Analytics code. Leave widget title blank if you do not want to show the title.

Use Footer 1-3 for important menu links like privacy. Use NOT the secondary menu or Footer 4. On some devices it will be covered by the cookie consent. By using Footer 1-3 you can be sure that these links are always visible on any device. 

Footer Menu

Is a menu position for secondary information.

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