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bootScore is the theme you are currently browsing. This and all other pages are the live preview.

It’s free, small but powerful, and with some developer knowledge, it’s 100% customizable. There are no settings in the backend. All customizations can only be made by touching the code.


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Earlier versions can be downloaded via the Github repository. Download and unzip. Rename the folder to bootscore-5 and zip again. Install/downgrade via the theme uploader.

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Pushed style.css to scss files #33
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added _bscore_woocommerce.scss file to prepare merging css to scss #41
  • [IMPROVEMENT] @extend alert alert-info to comments .must-log-in and .no-comment
  • [BUGFIX] form-range in webkit browsers
  • [BUGFIX] Rating stars in product loop
  • [BUGFIX] Modal height and position if body has classes logged-in admin-bar
  • [REMOVED] @import "fontawesome"; in css/scss/bootstrap.min.scss


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Force scss compile when environment is development #39
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added hook bs_after_primary to page-blank-with-container.php and page-blank-without-container.php
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added btn-outline-primary to payment-methods.php #42
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added btn-outline-primary to payment.php #43
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added btn-outline-primary to thankyou.php #44
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added visually-hidden-focusable class to buttons in header.php and footer.php to fix accessibility issues #73
  • [BUGFIX] Added missing jquery on new install in enqueue script #34
  • [BUGFIX] Added redirect if offcanvas login failed #36
  • [BUGFIX] Added redirect to my-account after registration #68
  • [BUGFIX] Built a “filter” for terms.php #31
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed class typo in header-woocommerce.php #9


  • [NEW] Language: Español de Colombia, thanks to Osdeibi Acurero
  • [NEW] Language: Español de Venezuela, thanks to Osdeibi Acurero


  • [UPDATE] scssphp 1.10.0 #66

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  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.1.3

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  • [REMOVED] jQuery in header.php
  • [NEW] Added missing wp_body_open hook
  • [SEO] Changed offcanvas header <h5> to <span class="h5"> for SEO reason
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.1.2
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Compile scss when Bootstrap has been updated

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] WooCommerce colors to variables
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reformatted all files
  • [NEW] Translation: Türkçe (thanks to Murat Esgin)
  • [NEW] Added Bootstrap source and compiler to theme

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Ajax product notice alerts (ajax-add-to-cart.php, thanks to Martin Holzer)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Close collapse if searchform loses focus
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Filter class card-img-top to product loop img (woocommerce-functions.php, woocommerce-style.css)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Changed all WooCommerce colors to variables
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Bootstrap form validation in WooCommerce checkout
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Removed custom-validation from checkout checkboxes and readded form-row (terms.php, woocommerce-js, woocommerce-style.css)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Refactored checkout (form-checkout.php, form-billing.php, form-shipping.php, Klarna checkout)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] pointer-events variation-add-to-cart-button.php (thanks to Martin Holzer)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Searchform focus (theme.js, thanks to Martin Holzer)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Readded and improved timestrap to scripts & styles (functions.php, woocommerce-functions.php, thanks to Martin Holzer)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] top-nav-search widget. Every widget can be shown there now theme.js, thanks to Martin Holzer)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] bootscore_pagination is a pluggable function now (functions.php, thanks to Martin Holzer)
  • [NEW] Renamed folder to bootscore-main (Github)
  • [NEW] Language: Pусский (thanks to Vladislav)
  • [UPDATE] Updated order-details-customer.php
  • [UPDATE] Updated terms.php (thanks to Emil Linden)
  • [UPDATE] Update Font Awesome Free 5.15.4
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.1.1

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added d-lg-none to search collapse (header.php)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] “current_page_parent” and “current-post-ancestor” to nav_walker, thanks Justin Kruit justinkruit.com
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Dutch translation, thanks Justin Kruit justinkruit.com
  • [REMOVED] Timestrap from enqueue styles and scripts (CSS overrides needed !important rule, functions.php, woocommerce-functions.php)

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  • [REMOVED] Self-coded offcanvas navbar implementation (header.php, header-woocommerce.php, style.css, theme.js)
  • [UPDATE] Uses Bootstrap 5.1.0 offcanvas navbar implementation now
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.1.0

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  • [BUGFIX] Disable Gutenberg blocks in widgets and enable classic mode. Widgets like search won’t work (WordPress 5.8, functions.php).

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  • [NEW] README.md
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Changed remove from cart button btn × to trash icon (cart.php, mini-cart.php)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Fixed a.badge color by text-* class instead of CSS (style.css, template-tags.php)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Breadcrumb padding and font-size (functions.php, woocommerce-functions.php)
  • [BUGFIX] .form-select (shipping-calculator.php Thnx Martin Holzer risingbytes.at)
  • [BUGFIX] Keep offcanvas-user open on reload if contains login or register error alert (woocommerce.js)
  • [BUGFIX] Error alert if login is failed (my-account-offcanvas.php, thanks Sean VanderMolen https://techpad.biz)
  • [BUGFIX] Changed duplicate id’s in offcanvas user (my-account-offcanvas.php, thanks cemmos https://github.com/craftwerkberlin/bootscore-5/issues/8)
  • [BUGFIX] Add col-md-8 col-xxl-9 classes to post list in index.php (Thanks Tim Groeneveld, https://github.com/craftwerkberlin/bootscore-5/pull/7)
  • [CHANGED] Default Bootstrap offcanvas-header (header.php, header-woocommerce.php, mini-cart-php)
  • [CHANGED] GNU General Public License v2 to MIT License
  • [REMOVED] bootstrap.min.css.map and bootstrap.bundle.min.js.map

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  • [NEW] Language Čeština, thnx Petr Žaloudek webhned.eu
  • [BUGFIX] Height modal fullscreen if .logged-in.admin-bar (style.css)
  • [BUGFIX] Missing author and breadcrumb on single-full-width-image.php
  • [BUGFIX] The “next page” pagination work properly on the 1st page (functions.php, thnx Mike Collignon alox.co)
  • [BUGFIX] Searchform can be placed in any widget positions without showing search button in navbar
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Cleanup Scroll To Top Button (style.css, footer.php)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Search collapse button hide if empty removed by JS (theme.js, style.css)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Focus on collapsed show searchform input
  • [IMPROVEMENT] header.php and header-woocommerce.php are completely new, more simple. Search button uses collapse component now instead of dropdown. Old header can still be used.
  • [REMOVED] Data attribute data-bs-hideresize=”true”. Close menu offcanvas in navbar on resize direct (theme.js, header.php, header-woocommerce.php)
  • [REMOVED] index-woocommerce.php
  • [REMOVED] wp-block-button reset (style.css)
  • [REMOVED] Quote block (style.css)

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Enqueue files with modification date to prevent browser from loading cached scripts and styles when file content changes. (Thnx Martin Holzer risingbytes.at)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added transition-delay to cart-loader to prevent flickering loading
  • [BUGFIX] Added mt-4 to #reply-title (comment-list.php)
  • [UPDATE] Language Deutsch (Du/Sie)
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.0.2

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] transition-delay on offcanvas-cart loader https://github.com/craftwerkberlin/bootscore-5/issues/6. Loader appears only if a product is added to the cart (woocommerce-style.css, woocommerce.js, ajax-add-to-cart.php. Thnx Martin Holzer risingbytes.at).
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Tags is a complete pluggable function now (template-tags.php)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Register comment-list.php is a pluggable function now. You can override file by register comment-list.php and place a copy in child.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Nav Walker and Menu register are a complete pluggable function now. You can create your own menus and use a different nav walker by override them in child-theme.

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  • [BUGFIX] Added w-100 class to offcanvas cart footer
  • [REMOVED] JavaScript workaround to set active class to nav-link (done by new nav-walker now)
  • [UPDATE] All languages
  • [UPDATE] Dropdown menu slide animation (theme.js)
  • [UPDATE] Replaced modified Bootstrap 4 Nav Walker with Bootstrap 5 Nav Walker https://github.com/AlexWebLab/bootstrap-5-wordpress-navbar-walker

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  • [REMOVED] Language backup files
  • [NEW] Translation: Svenska (thnx Emil Lindén)
  • [BUGFIX] Two Factor Authentication support form-login.php. Does not work in offcanvas, must use my-account static page (Thnx cemmos, Github issue https://github.com/craftwerkberlin/bootscore-5/issues/5)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added .img-thumbnail.rounded-circle to avatar (comment-list.php, all author-*.php)

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  • [BUGFIX] Readded jQuery in header.php. Required if a 3rd party plugin loads jQuery in header instead in footer.

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  • [BUGFIX] Added missing close </div> tag in page-full-width-image.php and single-full-width-image.php (thnx Trishah Woolley)

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  • [BUGFIX] Typo in index.php (thnx Whitetower-lloyd, https://github.com/craftwerkberlin/bootscore-5/issues/4)
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.0.1

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  • [UPDATE] grouped.php (WooCommerce 5.3.0)

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  • [NEW] Added offcanvas-top to offcanvas navbar implementation (style.css)
  • [REMOVED] Removed WP jQuery from header.php
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Set offcanvas backdrop fade transition to .4s ease-in-out for smoother transition (style.css)

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  • [BUGFIX] Added missing spaces in dutch translations
  • [BUGFIX] Added [data-bs-popper] to search dropdown to override popper.js inline-style (Bootstrap 5 stable, dropdown could not be opened when using child-theme with bootstrap.min.css from parent theme, style.css)

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  • [NEW] .zi-n1 helper class to set negative z-index
  • [BUGFIX] text-decoration: none hover product card (woocommerce-style.css)
  • [REMOVED] Bugfix custom checkboxes, radios, range, and select on Mac/iOS Safari if custom Sass compiled bootstrap.min.css is used (style.css, fixed in compiler settings)
  • [REMOVED] Workaround icon in offcanvas toggler https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/issues/33457 (Bugfix Bootstrap 5.0.0, theme.js, woocommerce.js)
  • [REMOVED] Backdrop if navbar has class .fixed-top. Uses Bootstrap offcanvas backdrop now (style.css, theme.js)
  • [REMOVED] Offcanvas header align-items-center (style.css, Bootstrap included)
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap 5.0.0

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Replaced col in all author-*.php with custom media-object component (author-*.php)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Replaced col in comments with custom media-object component (comments-list.php, style.css)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Changed alert-primary to alert-info (payment-methods.php)
  • [BUGFIX] Moved offcanvas backdrop from .navbar.fixed-top to fixed.top. Now it’s possible to wrap the navbar in a fixed-top div.
  • [SEO] Removed aria-labelledby=”” from offcanvas (thnx Mike Collignon)

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  • [REMOVED] backdrop-filter in image gallery caption (style.css)
  • [BUGFIX] Custom checkboxes, radios, range, and select on Mac/iOS Safari if custom Sass compiled bootstrap.min.css is used (style.css)
  • [BUGFIX] Footer menu class and id (twice, thnx Konstantinos Tzimas, footer.php)

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  • [UPDATE] mini-cart.php (WooCommerce 5.2.1)
  • [UPDATE] form-pay.php (WooCommerce 5.2.1)

Load version on Github
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Font size WooCommerce prices
  • [BUGFIX] Remove autop (WP 5.7 bug near shortcode, style.css) https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-stop-wp-from-adding-p-tag-automatically/
  • [BUGFIX] Radios cart-shipping.php on devices below 768px
  • [BUGFIX] Offcanvas cart footer (iOS)
  • [UPDATE] Replaced all Offcanvas with Bootstrap component
  • [UPDATE] Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta3

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  • [NEW] Translation: Français (thnx Mike Collignon)
  • [BUGFIX] Offcanvas user login form will not close when filling out the form (woocommerce.js, thnx Mike Collignon)
  • [BUGFIX] Removed autop in theme.js again (Bug with CF7)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Custom radios to shipping (cart-shipping.php, woocommerce-style.css)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] New checkout page (form-checkout.php, form-billing.php, form-shipping.php, thnx Mike Collignon)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Close offcanvas cart and user dashboard on click <a> (woocommerce.js, not working MacOS Safari)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Using Semantic Versioning https://semver.org

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  • [BUGFIX] Missing line break tags in single-*.php
  • [NEW] Translation: Dutch, Dutch (Formal), (thnx Jan Revet)

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  • [NEW] Translation: Polski (thnx Marshall Reyher)

Load version on Github
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Changed theme description
  • [BUGFIX] <pre> in comments will not crash columns anymore (comment-list.php, style.css)

Load version on Github
  • [BUGFIX] Remove autop (WP 5.7, theme.js)
  • [NEW] Add hover effect to offcanvas-header (style.css)

Load version on Github
  • [NEW] Reusable .zi-10X0 classes for z-index

Load version on Github
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Removed position CSS on .dropdown-search.dropdown-menu, added Bootstrap classes start-0 and end-0 to display search in full browser-width (style.css, header.php).
  • [BUGFIX] Search dropdown on Android Chrome (theme.js)

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  • [NEW] Translation: Português do Brasil (thnx Junio Jose)
  • [BUGFIX] margin undefined Github issue https://github.com/craftwerkberlin/bootscore-5/issues/1 (thnx djcowan)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reorder CSS load (thnx Daniel Munoz Rey)

Load version on Github
  • [BUGFIX] Remove active from all nav-link if page is search-result
  • [NEW] HTML Markups (Theme Unit Test Data)
  • [NEW] Translation: Italiano (thnx Domenico Carbone)
  • [BUGFIX] Add overflow-x: hidden to body to hide horizontal scrollbars on Windows Chrome and Firefox if width-100 class is used.
  • [TEST] jQuery 3.5.1 ready
  • [SEO] Merged all CSS in /woocommerce/css into one file woocommerce-style.css
  • [SEO] Links in comments opens in new tab with rel=”nofollow” attribute (pluggable function, functions.php)
  • [SEO] Add rel="preload" to Fontawesome (functions.php)
  • [SEO] Merged theme-header.js and theme.js to reduce file requests
  • [SEO] Moved all CSS from all.css to style.css to reduce file requests
  • [SEO] Load all JS in footer
  • [BUGFIX] Workaround to highlight menu links when active. (theme.js, WP Bootstrap Navwalker is still v4)
  • [NEW] Hook after #primary in WooCommerce files
  • [NEW] Time updated separator has an own class to hide simply via CSS if updated time is not needed, template-tags.php.
  • [NEW] Removed Preloader from theme and made a plugin of it

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  • [Update] Bootstrap 5.0.0-beta-2

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  • Initial release

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January 25, 2022




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5 reviews for bootScore WordPress Theme

  1. zaro

    Thank you guys! i really love your work! God bless you.

    • Basti (verified owner)

      Thanks zaro 😀

  2. K T (verified owner)

    Nice Job, Basti!!

    • Basti

      You’re welcome 🙂

  3. ramis can (verified owner)

    Thank you.

  4. Ado (verified owner)

    Thanks for the great theme. There is a small bug in my-account (woocommerce) page. Some alert notices are landing on offcanvas. You can test it when you fill in for example the billing address fields and leave a required field blank. After save, the notices show up on offcanvas.

    • Basti (verified owner)

      Hey Ado,

      thank you! Please do bug reporting by opening an issue on GitHub or drop a comment in the docs. Thanks 😉

  5. Ersin Koray Gonce (verified owner)

    Hello my friend;

    pagination doesn’t work when i click on categories. I didn’t make any changes. Is this an error? The number of posts to be displayed is set to 5. It works in searches and on the homepage. but when I click on categories it doesn’t paginate. It shows all the posts.

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