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This plugin adds a simple cookie consent banner to the bottom of the page.

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Earlier versions can be downloaded via the Github repository. Download and unzip. Rename the folder to bs5-cookie-consent and zip again. Install/downgrade via the plugin uploader.

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  • [BUGFIX] Changed class zi-1040 to zi-1050 to overlap offcanvas in Bootstrap 5.0.0

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Uses zi-1040 class of parent theme instead of own CSS (needs at least bootScore

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  • [IMPROVEMENT] Removed unused CSS
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Using Bootstrap positioning classes instead of own CSS

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  • [SEO] Load JS in footer
  • [SEO] Merged cookie.js and cookie-init.js to one file to reduce HTTP requests
  • [NEW] Override templates in child-theme

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  • Initial release

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May 06, 2021




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