bS Post App Slider

Shows posts in an app-style slider like in an app store. Good for mobile devices. Displays posts in your post / page by insert shortcode. Documentation

[bs-post-app-slider type="post" category="sidebar-left, sidebar-right" order="ASC" orderby="title" posts="12"]

Just a dummy blog post

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Page/Post default template

Post Default

This is the default template for posts. The sidebar is on the right. If no widgets are active in the sidebar, white space is shown in its place.

Page Post Full Width Image

Post Full Width Image

This post shows the featured image as a background image in full screen width.

Page/Post Sidebar Left

Post Sidebar Left

This post has the sidebar on the left. If no sidebar is active, white space is shown in its place.

Page/Post Sidebar None

Post Sidebar None

This post has no sidebar. The content is displayed across the entire width of the container.

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