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Smooth Scroll

bootScore uses the default Bootstrap scroll-bahaviour: smooth for smooth scrolling.

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The offset is set to the height of the header navbar.

html {
  scroll-padding-top: 55px;

Override this in your child and adjust 55px to your header height.

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2 Comments on “Smooth Scroll”

  • Gemiestu Rivali


    Hi, is there an elegant way of adjusting the offset? I was looking for that after increasing the height of the Navbar, and I couldn’t find a way except for altering the original theme files

    • Basti


      Hi Gemiestu,

      unfortunately not yet. The smooth-scroll script will be removed when Safari supports scroll-behaviour: smooth;. Offset will be done then by CSS instead by JS. As long as Safari does not support this, there is unfortunately no possibility to adjust the offset in the child. So, setting the offset to your header can be only made by original theme files so far.

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